what the advantage of Mix note counting Machine?

mix note counting machine

Mix Note Counting Machine
The machine is the smallest portable mix value for the banknotes counting currently invented in the world. It effectively applies to the dollar and the half dollars for the improved power supply. It comes with the frontloading capabilities of the notes. The device usually detects the half, double, and chain detection. It sees the ultraviolet and the magnetism. Effectively suits the application of most of the currencies around the world. For the practical process of cleaning the device, the device facilitates the automation and the start and the stop of the device application functions.
The body dimensions of the counter are two hundred and forty by two hundred and sixty-six, by two hundred and thirty-eight millimeters weighing at approximately eight-point five kilograms. It accommodates a minimum of one hundred and ten over sixty millimeters and the maximum of one hundred and ninety over ninety millimeters. The thickness of the device is zero point zero eight to zero point one two millimeters. It provides the feed system of the roller friction system with the hopper capacity of the one hundred notes in the approximation and the stack capacity of the one hundred notes. The approximate supply of the power usually ranges between ninety to two hundred and twenty voltages.
Mixed Denomination Bill Counter
The mixed denomination bill counter usually eases the calculation process and the separation of the money from all denominations simultaneously. You, therefore, acquire the essential and crucial information according to the list of the denomination. It also provides the display of the counted money. It comes with a feature that facilitates the optional recognition of serial numbers. The device supports more than ten countries as you read the serial numbers to function for the customers’ needs, thus the name. It sorts the directions and face of the note. The process saves much of your time as you arrange the money to work effectively. The setting for sort the individual denomination as the device counts the similarly denominated cash according to the grounds of the first set of the banknote.

The device comes loading for easy use at the top of the device. It assists in the placement of the money at the front side. The capacity of the hopper for more than backloading counting notes in a short time. It comes on the software that facilitates the easy process of the software update. In most cases, it uses a disk connection on the pot of the machine for the automatic software update. The operation, care, and maintenance method are straightforward through the port at the end. If you desire to apply the calibration of the contact image sensor or clean the screen sensor unit, the process of performing the task is straightforward.

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