Buying Feelteck Money Counter? 5 Tips To Avoid Counterfeits

Buying Feelteck Money Counter? 5 Tips To Avoid Counterfeits

Pingyang Feelteck is one of the established and reputable money counter machine manufacturers in the global market. Whereas this is a good thing, there are several shortcomings that come with such kinds of brands. One of them is copying of their brands as various fraudsters try to steal on their name. So it is possible to find a copy of the Feelteck machine selling in the backstreet. Some rogue dealers could also be supporting such kind of products. Therefore, you need to be smart when buying.

To avoid getting tricked, you need to get equipped with the right tips. Here are some of the best tips to avoid counterfeits:

Get Adequate Information

You need to know more about the machine before you can go to the market. The most important thing that you need is to learn about the machine and the brand. There are key features that differentiate Feeltech machines from other brands. That includes the logo, amongst others. You also need to check things like the weight of the machine since these are factors that a huge difference. These are some of the things that provide you the information you need about the Feelteck money counter.

Check the Price

One of the areas that fraudster exploits the most when selling counterfeit and low-quality products is pricing. They usually lower the price of the machines to lure unsuspecting buyers. So you need to check the prices before going to the market so that you don’t get tricked. Check the model that you want and what the original manufacturer or reputable stores such as Walmart are selling it at.

Choose The Right Supplier

Not everyone calling themselves can be trusted with providing the right machine. Some of these suppliers may be colluding with fraudsters to sell fake and low-quality machines to unsuspecting buyers. So if you are buying online, make sure that you have selected the best manufacturer based on their reputation. Check their reputation and how they have been dealing with previous customers. That is another way of buying Feelteck money counter.

Avoid Making Decisions When in Market

Another mistake buyers making or changing decisions while already in the market. You need to be sure of what you need right from home and don’t change your mind. Don’t be convinced otherwise by the salespeople in the market because that’s how you get exposed to counterfeits.

Buy Directly From Manufacturer

Last but not least is buying directly from the manufacturer. That is where you will be assured of 100% authentic Feelteck money counter.

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